Ireland: emerald-green wonder

Ireland: emerald-green wonder

Simon and I lived in Dublin for over five years and surprisingly we never posted anything about Ireland on this blog. We were so excited to be going off on a whole new set of adventures in Asia that we forgot to take some time over a last pint of homebrew Guinness to tell you how beautiful Ireland is.

connemara - Irealand - Ozawapi

Yes, the weather may suck at times with the rain on and off like a teen romance and the empty promises of an Irish summer. But the “four seasons in a day” climate also means that the sky is often kissed by rainbows so don’t let the Irish weather dull the green sparkle of the Emerald Isle.

The best way to visit Ireland is to rent a car and venture into the Irish countryside…

Road trip - Ireland - Ozawapi

… stopping wherever sheep are crossing the road.

Sheep _ Ireland - Ozawapi

Here are some of our favorite places:

1. Dublin, its cobbled streets of Temple Bar, its shopping district of Grafton Street, and the hidden gems of Dublin’s coastal suburbs.

Dalkey - Dublin - Ireland - Ozawapi

2. The lively and colourful town of Galway.

Galway - Ireland - Ozawapi

3. Mystical Inishmore, its endless stone walls and untouched rural existence.

4. The timeless and wild beauty of the Connemara, its contrasting landscapes, scenic mountains, silent lakes, rocky grasslands and rust coloured bogs.

Beautiful Connemara - Ireland - Ozawapi

5. The geological wonder of the Giant’s Causeway and its hexagonal rock formations jutting out into the sea.

6. The Ring of Kerry and its dramatic coastline with sandy beaches and stretches of turquoise-blue ocean, its romantic old castles, spectacular gardens and colorful towns and villages.

Ring of Kerry Scenery - Ireland - Ozawapi

Ring of Kerry Old Castle - Ireland - Ozawapi

7. Ireland’s craggy west coastline and the heart-stopping drop off of the Cliffs of Moher with spectacular views over the Atlantic Ocean.

Dramatic Cliffs of Moher - Ireland - Ozawapi

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